Sitting in church this lovely late winter Sunday morning the Rey’s are
obviously thrilled with presenting their darling Joy to the congregation.  
Their exuberant responses to the ebullient sermon being delivered by the
Reverend Wilkes had the entire congregation on their feet, with Dr. and
Mrs. Rey leading the charge.
 Joy was receiving another message all together than that of her parents
and the congregation.  Joy found herself mesmerized by this tall articulate
broad shouldered specimen of a man.  She was entranced by the sound of
his baritone voice and his physique.
 She could feel his well-formed muscular chest pressing against her
voluptuous breast.  His large muscular arms and hands underneath her
firmly gripping her shoulders, as he plowed her love canal with his large
thick 10 inch manhood responding to her every desire, as she exploded
into orgasmic ecstasy.  Joy was feeling extremely warm as Reverend
Wilkes continued to deliver his message.  As a matter of fact, Joy felt
herself getting moist and was glad that she wore panties with a cotton
crouch today, since normally unbeknown to most, she usually wore no
panties underneath her clothing.
 The more Reverend Wilkes preached the wetter Joy found herself
becoming.  At one point she felt a slight rush of emotions that made her
sigh quietly with pleasure.  Oh my god, the woman has had a small
orgasm while listening to the sermon.


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