"Delivering Dollars When Needed Most"
Delivering Dollars LLC is the composite of over 35 years of practical business experience derived through the ownership of many small
businesses.  The founder has owned successful insurance agencies, retail dry goods, convenience stores, real estate property
management services and a restaurant.  As you can see the business ownership of the founder lends itself to a real world
understanding of what it takes to start, build, grow and liquidate a small business.  The founder's formal education is in Business
Administration with a bachelor in Accounting.

Thanks to President Richard Nixon, the founder of Delivering Dollars LLC decided early in his adult life to pursue what ever education
was necessary to reduce and or legally eliminate his personal income tax.  You see the founder was an enlisted Sargent in the U.S.
Army at the time when the President of the United States paid less in personal income tax than the founder.  Immediately he knew that
knowing what the tax code had to offer in reducing or eliminating his personal income tax would be his lifelong goal.  Thus the study of
Accounting while attending college and the application of that knowledge throughout his business life.

The founder is now offering his many years of business experience to you, the small business owner to assist you by navigating the
many rules and regulations that tend to cripple so many small businesses.  Currently there are two businesses operating under the
Delivering Dollars LLC umbrella.  They are
1040 TAX DIRECT and BLACK DIAMOND MEDIA.  You are invited to visit them by clicking
on their names.